Common blood pressure(BP) mistakes to avoid.

1.) Moving and talking.

When taking your BP don’t move and avoid talking to get the best and actual BP pressure ready.

2.) Wrapping the cuff incorrectly.

Where and how the BP monitor cuff is placed on the arm matters a lot. Place the cult 2cm above the elbow, ensure the cuff is the perfect size for your arm.

3.) Incorrect Arm and Feet posture.

Relax your arm and don’t clench your fist. You must rest both your feet firmly on the ground while measuring your blood pressure.

Sitting cross-legged might lead to increase BP. The arm that the cuff is attached to must be placed at the level of the heart.

Crossed legs squeezes the large veins in the legs which may raise the ready slightly.

4.) Using dead battery.

sometimes it might just be that the battery needs to be changed.

5.) Wait one minute and retake the reading twice or thrice and then average the 2 or 3 numbers.

6.) Empty your bladder.

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